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"Billboard Sized Digital Store Front Sign Solution" How to get one FREE

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382 Linwell Road, St. Catharines, ON, Canada382 Linwell RdSt Catharines, Ontario L2M 2P2Canada
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We do 3 things.
1) Giant sized, remote controlled, Digital Media Centres, Including digital dazzle content creation, in super high resolution, with proprietary, Digital Dynamic Arrays and V-See through graphics. Controlled remotely with our exclusive ViewQnet software.
Making it possible to have a Banner message changeable minute by minute to create what we call. "the expediency Effect." or instant results. (Sales) (Actual costumers who spend money) (something every retailer needs. Many are looking for targeted solution that does not end up in the garbage like Junk Mail. Better than here today gone tomorrow advertising. Relevant content every day and changeable from a smart phone.
2) We offer symbiotic advertising on other peoples "Retail Store Front Digital Billboards" providing a MONUMENTAL Audience Arena size" to targeted video audiences that matter most. Your prospects that live or work near buy. The targeted market that is 85% more likely to be a retail client. (according to the Sign Association.)
3) we offer turnkey "Joint Venture" business opportunities doing what we do. Only we do it all for you. We just need you to be our associate so that we can handle our great growth. It can all run from your smart phone, tablet and or computer.
Be a Media Mogul.
Call Larry Erb for details 905-934-9909 book an on-line interview.

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