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National Small Business Week - We Salute Over 27 Million Small Businesses in America

National small business week is here. Amazingly enough, this occasion has been celebrated every year, for the 48th time now. I find it amazing that our whole economy rests on the foundation of small businesses, providing the US market with new jobs every year (over half of the American population that owns or works in a small business, provide almost 80% of the new jobs to be exact). Now that’s really something.

What measures are taken to encourage growth in this humble market segment?

Well, it seems that quite a lot this year. Almost every governmental body got an assignment. They are supposed to look into small businesses well-being throughout 2011 (e.g. tax relief, access to capital, as well as other tools in the Recovery Act, the Small Business Jobs Act). Mr. Obama got the picture, and took the initiative. On top of statements about better credit lines, more benefit in the taxation arena, or more loan options, a few new “recognition” flowers started blooming: providing TOOLS for small business. And that is what they really need.

You see, sending a high-end consultant that bombards everyone with complicated terms usually leads to greater bitter disappointment(AKA the “why don’t I understand what on earth he is talking about” syndrome). A practical tool will initiate “growth” (revenues), which is the good-looking sister of “save” (tax benefits).

So what are those mysterious tools?

It’s everything from hands on marketing campaigns methodologies, through awareness and education to computers and online services, all the way to better exposure of small American businesses to the world. This relationship is bi-directional. We have to remember that every successful small business will encourage 5 more to dare. As small businesses are innovation leaders, they can be harnessed into the national effort to create business awareness, and educate entrepreneurs about what needs to be done in order to get a business going. This symbiotic environment can exist with minimum investment and minimum effort, as everybody gets something out of the deal, businesses and government alike.

Let’s have a call for action

  1. Gather 50 most practical business tools that are a match for small businesses, and pack them in a friendly wrap to be used in that market.
  2. Pick well-known and enthusiastic messengers from the small business industry to bring the word the field.
  3. Support a global cooperation between American and cross Atlantic small businesses.

Happy Small Business Week to all of us.

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