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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Steve Kent from the United Kingdom participated in the SohoOS raffle, answered a five-question survey and is now the proud owner of a shiny new iPad 3!

Steve is the CEO and founder of Kaburu-Soho, a boutique Web agency specializing in innovative solutions for discerning customers. They leverage search to achieve consistently high SERP results for websites, putting smiles on customers’ faces.

Here’s what he has to say about SohoOS:

Sohoos.com has very quickly become my right hand in business, its ease of use has saved me countless hours of admin, I love the take it anywhere concept, I couldn’t function without it. It’s a 5 star product and its FREE!!!!

The survey results are in, and we heard what you have to say. We were happy to see that 49% of you said our site’s ease of use is “very friendly” and that 53.6% would recommend us to a friend “for sure.” (Hey, did you know you can easily send an invite from inside the system? Just click the Invite a Friend tab under the Settings menu.)

You voted for invoice handling, contacts management and the documents library as your favorite features, with 54.3%, 47.7% and 32.2%, respectively.

We were very interested to learn that the aspects of your business that concern you most right now are cash flow (43.6%), marketing (40.9%) and revenue growth (35.1%). We aim to address these critical areas with new features that will help you succeed.

A big thank you to everyone who participated: SohoOS is here to benefit you, so your opinions are very important to us! We are already hard at work turning your opinions into changes that will make SohoOS even better. We have some major updates to the site coming soon, so stay tuned…

Congratulations Steve! Your iPad3 is on its way!

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