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Product Brochures: Focus on Features, Benefits, and Actions

Have you ever picked up an old brochure your company distributed to clients and thought, “Oh no! Surely this isn’t the last advertisement customers have received from us!”

It’s always a scary moment when you realize it’s time to update your brochures because the old ones are clearly archaic - in terms of design, information, or both. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or panicky, a few deep breaths and a refill on the coffee are probably in order.

And then there’s the crowd that have never sent out a product brochure and are feeling overwhelmed at the thought. Again, don’t worry about it. A little planning goes a long way toward getting your design in place. So you, too, should probably go grab a coffee refill and stretch your legs a bit to calm your nerves.

Once you’ve settled back in, here are some tips for fast-tracking your update of a product brochure:

Features of Interest
First and foremost, make sure you highlight the most important features of interest for your customers. Remember this phrase as you consider this: “…for your customers.” Avoid pulling together information that is likely not relevant for customers. Product details can be very important, but create a table with this information and highlight the features of interest.

A big mistake is muddling all the data about products together. Keep the details separate and make the big features easy to find.

Benefits to the Customer
While highlighting the features of interest, make sure any and all copy you write makes it easy for customers to see the benefits directly related to them. Identify the problem and show them why your products are the solution. They need a clear understanding of why they need you and your offering. So make sure the brochure is very clear about the benefits to the customer.

Actions to Take
Also critical to a product brochure is to give customers clear directions. Tell them what to do next. In other words, give them resources for further education or purchasing. You can do this through a number of simple messages:

• Learn more - put a URL to your product on your website within the brochure so the customer can easily research the product in more depth.
• Call now - make it easy for customers to be able to get a hold of you by listing your phone number, website, and/or email address prominently.
• How-To - consider putting a small section in the brochure dedicated to a case study or simple how-to guide. Let customers know you have an extensive support through your website, too.

Product Images
Finally, always include photos of your products. Unless you’re providing a service that simply isn’t conducive to photography, at a minimum include a small picture. This gives the customer added assurance that you and they are on the same page. Make sure the photos are high quality and highlight the best attributes of your products, too. You don’t want sloppy or ugly product photos circulating.

Product brochures don’t have to be a nightmare to develop. Just make sure you focus on the features of interest, benefits to the customer, make it easy for them to find you, and use images of your products. Then get them printed professionally, start distributing, and rest assured knowing that your brochures represent the quality of your company.

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