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The Importance of Passion and Motivation in Business

Starting a small business is a tough decision to make—a decision filled with the excitement of embarking on a new journey but also filled with concerns about the risks ahead and the uncertainty involved. Usually starting a business means working long hours; often well into the night during the phase of building the business’s foundation.

In order to keep working hard, one has to be motivated. A lot of people tend to dismiss motivation; they may acknowledge it as a factor, but not as an important factor—at least not as important as capabilities, a good business plan, etc. But what is motivation? To simplify: Motivation is the desire to do things. From a business perspective motivation is considered to be “the internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to continually have interest in and be committed to a job, role, or subject and to exert persistent effort in attaining a goal.”

Motivation is the driving force of it all; it is what makes you get up in the morning ready to work those long hours and execute a business plan or make the most out of your capabilities. Since the first few months of a new business are usually also the most critical, it is important to recognize the impact motivation has on the future of your business.

At the core of motivation lies passion. If motivation is the motor that gets the car moving, then passion is the fuel. Sure, there are other factors that can increase motivation—such as incentives (usually in the form of cash). But speaking from experience, I usually notice a difference in the quality of work of someone who does something because it is his or her passion and someone who does something because he or she gets a lot of money to do it.

Passion also means dedication. A lot of new enterprises close because their owners lose faith and give up too early or aren’t willing to work harder. There are many success stories of people who say, “I couldn’t give up on my dream, so I kept going and eventually succeeded.”

All in all, motivation and passion will help you get things done. And getting things done is crucial when a business is in its infancy. When you are motivated and show the love for what you do, your customers will notice, and they will reward you for it. So when opening a new business, make sure you have a lot of fuel to keep the motor running, and it will help you get to wherever you want to go.

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