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Travel Tips for SMBs

Some people are saying that advanced communication and video-conferencing technologies have changed business travel forever. Soaring airline ticket prices, alongside the ability to virtually “meet” people, have made many companies reconsider how much they spend on travel. However, in some cases meeting face to face is necessary. If your business requires you to travel, you know it might get very expensive, tiring, and uncomfortable—but it doesn’t have to be. As a frequent flyer myself, I thought a post sharing some insight about traveling might come in handy.

Hotels: If you are staying in a city that requires traveling by car, there is no real need for you to stay inside the city because hotel prices are higher, plus you’ll have to pay for parking. Choose a cheaper hotel in the outskirts of the city. Also, consider using Airbnb.com and renting an apartment. Some apartments are nicer then hotel rooms, and if you are staying long-term, it might be more comfortable and homey. Last but not least, I recently came across a very cool app named Hotel Tonight that allows you to book nice hotel room if you are feeling spontaneous and plan on staying in town for only one night.

Airfare: The first rule is to join every frequent flyer mile program that is relevant for your travels. Make sure you collect the points and use them when you take longer, more expensive, and unexpected flights. Also, try to plan your work trips for the winter months when flights are less expensive. Always check the cancellation and change policies on your ticket in case you need to reschedule your trip; if needed, take the protection plans travel sites offer.

Communication: If traveling in your native country, you can obviously use your regular service plan, but when abroad you can try to save on roaming charges using some free Wi-Fi-based apps: Whatsapp is a successful instant messaging application, Viber is an application that allows you to make phone calls from your cellphone to other Viber users, and of course you know Skype, which allows you to call and text other Skype users as well as regular cellular and fixed lines.

Last but not least, if you are a US or Canadian citizen traveling in the US, you can go through security faster and avoid taking off your shoes, taking your computer out of your bag, etc. by opting in to the TSA PreCheck service.

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