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EcoLux Cleaning Services

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San Mateo, CA San Mateo, California United States
Borislava Lozanova
Business Description

EcoLux Cleaning Services is a diligent carpet cleaning service that is constantly looking for ways to improve. What started as a simple carpet only service has developed into a fast growing cleaning service for not only carpets, but also upholstery, tile & grout,windows cleaning, and more. We strive for the highest quality that we can provide and are looking for every possible way to improve our already amazing service.

Why Choose Us?

Our intuitive team of experts combined with our professional technicians have been working together to improve our services and take them to new heights. Along with our already low prices, we offer coupons to first time customers. Our goal is to ensure that you are more than %100 satisfied with our services, so give us a call today, we’re here to answer all of your questions!

We offer to our customers:

Courteous, professional technicians trained on the latest carpet cleaning equipment to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with EcoLux
Convenient appointments to fit your busy schedule - including Saturdays and Sundays
Extra attention paid to trouble spots and heavy traffic areas
Specialized carpet protectors and deodorizers
Your carpet is groomed, allowing it to dry faster and distribute the carpet protector and deodorizer evenly
FREE carpet and upholstery cleaning estimates
NO hidden charges
100% of satisfaction.

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