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Chatak Dooniya

Arts and Crafts

Unique Creations For You
Chatak Dooniya is a one-stop shop to get unique undiscovered handmade art and craft items for your home.

Business Info
198/147, East Of Kailash, New Delhi, India
Chatak Dooniya
+91- 9958735080
Business Description

Chatak Dooniya is the place where you find contemporary and traditional products , handmade and home made stuff . We conceive an idea and execute it in our own way. Traditionally art and craft were usually more functional. Art required concept ,imagination,thought which Unveil an enticing range of Indian handicrafts that personifies a perfect blend of imagination and creativity.

The kaleidoscopic collection includes an array of products including Handcrafted trays, Antique Handicrafts, Decorative Items, Indian Gifts, beautiful wedding gifts and other Handmade crafts. We also deals in wedding gift packaging and decoration.

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