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Plot No. GJ-12, SEEPZ , SEEPZ, Andheri (E), Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India, 400096
Business Description

Fine Jewellery is one of the leading diamond jewellery manufacturers and exporters from India. We have been the one-stop-destination for cost-effective diamond jewellery sourcing requirements and have been supplying to some of the top diamond jewellers. We have been exporting our wares to clients from different parts of the world. However, owing to our client profile, we have had special success in manufacturing for US, European, South African and Australian retailers. We have an international office located at New York. Here are the details of our NY office:

608, 5th Avenue,
Suite # 405 A,
New York
NY 10020.
Tel: 1 212 265 3707
Email: [email protected]

Be it diamond rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces or bracelets, our lean manufacturing processes keep our costs low, the benefit being passed on wholly to the retailers and exporters who buy from us. Do check us out to before purchasing jewellery for the holiday season. We promise to deliver quality at the most competitive prices.

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