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Blissful Light Reiki - distant Reiki courses

Complimentary Health Care

We provide our students with affordable, quality, and advanced Reiki courses and attunements.

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Blissful Light Reiki
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We provide our students with quality, advanced and transformative Reiki courses and attunements. Courses and attunements that we believe can bring powerful changes and manifestations to their lives. We pride ourselves in providing full and on going quality training and support, allowing our students to step into a life of abundance and fulfilment.

We make our courses as affordable as possible making them available to as many students as possible. We believe that enlightenment and spiritual growth should not only be for those who can afford it. It should be for all those who are called and wish to grow, develop and evolve.

The key components of all our courses are quality, simplicity and effectiveness. Our courses provide high quality courses and attunements, many of which are advanced systems.

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