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CrAzY BoB's
9360 Lime Bay Blvd, Tamarac, Florida9360 Lime Bay BlvdTamarac, Florida 33321United States
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I'm Bob, full-time online business owner, investor, marketer and entrepreneur. You might know me for one or several of the many sites I have created over the past few years:

I am currently living the 'Dot-Com Lifestyle' in the South Florida. My interest in the Make Money Online industry began in 1999 . Before my first 7-figure success, I went through years of trial and error but eventually found the formula that works. Today I'm in a position where I can teach you how to make money online and provide you with high quality products, services & information, helping you take your Internet business to the next level. The point of this is to drastically shorten and minimize YOUR learning curve as well as get to know some really great people in the industry.

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