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Buffalo Gals Bakery & Country Store

Food & Beverages

Absolutly the BEST Biscotti you will ever have! We have all manner of tasty treats and unique gifts. From Vintage Style Aprons to Bohemian Handbags. Supporting the family farm one cookie at a time!

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8501 435th Ave NE, Regan, ND 584778501 435th Avenue NortheastWilton, North Dakota 58579United States
Buffalo Gals
Business Description

Buffalo Gals Bakery & Country Store began as a way to fill the income gaps on the farm. We began by using my Grammys 100 year old Biscotti recipe. From there we branched out into Cookies, Rolls, Breads, Bars and more. In the Country Store, we again turned to skills learned as a child at my Grammy's knees. I sew Vintage style Aprons and Bohemian Handbags. Denim quilts and more. We also make quirky gifts...ranging from Ukranian Christmas Trees to Norwegian Flashlights. Here on the farm, during the summer, Buffalo Gals hosts Canning and Bread making classes.
We have our products out in a number of shops in North Dakota, or you can always order online. If you don't see it... ASK! The odds are pretty good we have it. I am always happy to do custom orders.
Thanks for looking!

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Check out my Online store and browse all the latest merchandise!
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