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california lemon law firm

Law Enforcement

The California lemon law provides that the manufacturer must pay your attorney’s fees and costs incurred to litigate the case. As such, there is no risk or out of pocket expense to you.

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6 Hutton Centre Dr. Suite 600 Santa Ana, CA 92707
california lemon law firm
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Unlike most other attorneys who practice in this field, we are uniquely qualified to handle lemon law actions. Our background includes representation of automobile, motor home, and travel trailer manufacturers and dealers.

Since we have worked extensively on both sides of a lemon law dispute, we know the decision points and can employ the necessary skills to get a case resolved.

Successful resolution of a case means a full refund of your money or a replacement vehicle that actually functions as it should. It also means that the manufacturer will pay for your attorneys’ fees and costs to litigate the matter.

As a consumer, you should also be aware that the lemon law applies to any consumer good, to include appliances, motorcycles, motor homes, and electronics.

For a free consultation and evaluation of your potential case, feel free to contact us through this page or call our toll free phone number (877.40.LEMON)

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