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Purchasing used cars online from a dealer could be a tough task for buyers with little experience; however, it can be done successfully by anyone who follows these steps:

1) Find out what the seller paid.

The first thing you want to do is to be educated about the car you are purchasing, to do this you need to know what the seller paid for it. A great way to figure this out is to view the Kelley Blue Book TRADE IN VALUE. That is usually the price the seller paid for the car.

2) Make a smart offer.

After obtaining this information, you are now ready to make an offer, but you don’t want to offer too low otherwise the seller could lose patience with you and cut your conversation short. The best thing to do is to initially offer the Trade In Value and settle on 10% above the Trade In Value. This will leave enough profit for the seller considering his advertising expenses and the general work needed to get the car ready for you to drive. If he’s willing to settle below that you have to ask yourself if there are any problems with the car which could lower its value.

3) View the Car in Person

Which brings us to our next point: view the car before paying, no exceptions. Used cars will always have problems if not given the proper care, and you could be surprised sometimes how a damaged car can be “perfect” in a seller’s eyes. Once the seller accepts your offer, it is well worth your time to make the trip to the car sale. If you find anything wrong with the car that wasn’t disclosed you should get a deduction in price that reflects the repair cost.

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