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We offer a FREE POS POINT OF SALE PROGRAM. Classic Pos is an International developer and distributor of an extensive and comprehensive range of retail business software and hardware solutions.

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720 King Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada720 King St WToronto, Ontario M5V 2T3Canada
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We offer a FREE POS POINT OF SALE PROGRAM that includes an integrated debit and credit card processing option that comes with FREE GIFT CARDS, To introduce our fabulous pos software systems

Classic Pos is an International developer and distributor of an extensive and comprehensive range of retail business software and hardware solutions for over 20 years; POS systems that include general retail, clothing, sports, auto, salon, restaurants & bars, clubs, or accounting systems for distribution, wholesale or general business. Integrated payroll, accounting and staff scheduling included.

All programs work on any Windows operating system.

The program will:
* make and tracks sales and post them to the general ledger accounting
* track detailed customer contact information
* track Inventory levels
* handle layaways -
* track the special order sales, deposits and multiple payments
* hold sales
* handle gift registry, tracking registry sales reporting balance left and who purchased
* track various loyalty rewards programs, with gift certificates, bonus points and coupons

Complete digital manuals are included.

Call us at 800-200-5379 or email at [email protected]

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