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CLD Handling Systems - Shelvings, Lockers, Cabinet

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6200 Avery Rd. Ste "E" Dublin, Ohio 43016 USA
CLD Handling Systems - Shelvings, Lockers, Cabinet
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Get a wide variety of bins and boxes at CLD Handling Systems, Inc. to organise and store small parts. We provide high quality bins and boxes at value for money prices. Our bins category includes various boxes, economy range boxes, corrugated products, cabinets, racks, plastic products, stacks, and storage systems. We also offer a huge variety of boxes for your needs under categories like bin, divider, nesting, tote, plastic, etc. Know what to buy check out our material handling catalogue for fast access or directly choose the products from our store. Complete the process and get your products delivered.

CLD Handling System, Inc. serves customers through most important features:

- Economy Shelf Bins
- Wire Shelving
- Safety Cabinets
- Folding Hand Trucks
- Trailer Stabilizing Jacks
- Wire Shelving & Utility Carts
- Rivet Style Shelving
- Flip-Lid Containers
- Wheel Chocks & Accessories
- Industrial Fans
- Lockers
- Platform Trucks
- Storage Cabinets
- Plastic Box Trucks
- Mats
- Open & Closed Steel Shelving
- Stack & Nest Totes

If you need more help, you may reach us via email, on-line support desk, phones or our website.

Phone: 800 272 7604
Business Email: [email protected]

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