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Dennis Roberts Attorney at Law

Legal Services

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370 Grand Ave #1 Oakland, CA 94610
Dennis Roberts
(510) 465-6363
(510) 465-7375
Business Description

Oakland Criminal Defense Lawyer Dennis Roberts has extensive experience litigating criminal matters ranging from white collar crime to murder, and everything in-between. Of late, we have crafted defenses for such diverse cases as protecting medical marijuana providers from Federal legislation that conflicts with State resolutions; public figures accused of sexual crimes; and murder cases involving bouncers. Dennis offers over 48 experience in the area of criminal defense.

Services :
Assault Cases, Drug Charges, Spousal Abuse, Gun Charges, Child Abuse, Marijuana, Murder, White Collar Crimes, Sex Offense Crimes, Federal Practice Cases, Tax Evasion, Fraud

Work days:
Mon – Fri 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat – Sun Closed

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Attorney, Drug Charges Lawyers, Criminal Justice Attorneys, Marijuana Case Council

Professional Associations:
Past President CACJ, 12 Year Board Member NADCL, Legal Board Member NORML

Contractor #/License : CA Bar Association - 36651

Year Est : 1964

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