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Easy Reach Legal

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2 King Edward Street Macclesfield, Cheshire - SK101AB
Easy Reach Legal
01625 429 131
Business Description

Easy Reach Legal is top lawyers company in Macclesfield who offer online divorce lawyers and family law solicitors at affordable price. Call us 01625429131.

We are a real firm of solicitors based in Cheshire, England. We have been around in one form or another at our head office in Macclesfield for the last 150 years. Easy Reach Legal is our online trading name. We have been serving our local community for the past 150 years and we act for clients throughout England and Wales. The legal services sector is going through a period of unprecedented change. New rules mean that non-solicitors can now enter the legal market and that ís why you can now find everyone from your local supermarket, to banks and newsagents offering you legal services.

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