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Passion Parties by Erica 317-426-0489

Events Services

Host a Sex Toy Party Get FREE Products and discounts!! A FUN and UNIQUE alternative to adult store shopping! 317-426-0489

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3372 Sherburne Ln, Indianapolis, IN 46222, USA3372 Sherburne LnIndianapolis, Indiana 46222United States
Erica Ardali
Business Description

Host a Passion Party today!
*Earn FREE passion sex toys!
*Have the girls over for the night of Passion toys
*EASY Valentine's, birthday, bachelorette gifts
*I do all the EASY passionate work
*Lots of fun party giggles
*Hostess can purchase SPECIAL PRIVATE PLEASURE party items
*50 Shades of Grey catalog now available, NEW pleasure toys, new lingerie
*Great SHOCKING romantic passion tips
*Spice up your SEX life
Call me/email me BOOK A Passion PARTY NOW!
We have Passion Party consultants nationwide to host your FREE Passion party!
Erica Passion Party Independent Consultant

Sex toys and buying toys with me, enter the code: SATISFIED always get 20% off online orders!

In the PRIVACY of your home NOW shop for bedroom toys in the privacy of your home.

Do you need to reorder a Passion Party product? Make sure that you check off Pure Satisfaction Gel! , that is my customers #1 FAVORITE product!
Buy Sex toys online!!!

We have new may products!
Ben Wa Balls
Bullets and More
G-Spot Vibrators & Dildos

DISCOVER something NEW in Adult Toys like our new MIMI,
An EASY Passion Parties gift for a Bachelorette Party, Anniversary Party, BirthdayParty, Divorce Party, Mild or Wild Bridal Shower Party.

Purchase Passion Party Products discreetly.

Erica Passion Party Independent Consultant
As a Passion Party Consultant you:
*EARN 40% commission on Passion Party products
*EASY pleasure products to sell, women WANT to buy these Passion Party products
*FREE training, videos, audiotapes, conference calls, one-on-one training, great bond w/strong friendships
*You decide how often you want to sell at Passion parties, personally decide
*Buy a Passion Party kit for $189 & $259
*TRAVEL, if you want
*Earn FREE Passion Party products
*Earn FREE trips

Online store
Check out my Online store and browse all the latest merchandise!
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{"address_components":[{"long_name":"3372","short_name":"3372","types":["street_number"]},{"long_name":"Sherburne Ln","short_name":"Sherburne Ln","types":["route"]},{"long_name":"Central Indianapolis","short_name":"Central Indianapolis","types":["neighborhood","political"]},{"long_name":"Indianapolis","short_name":"Indianapolis","types":["locality","political"]},{"long_name":"Wayne","short_name":"Wayne","types":["administrative_area_level_3","political"]},{"long_name":"Marion","short_name":"Marion","types":["administrative_area_level_2","political"]},{"long_name":"Indiana","short_name":"IN","types":["administrative_area_level_1","political"]},{"long_name":"United States","short_name":"US","types":["country","political"]},{"long_name":"46222","short_name":"46222","types":["postal_code"]}],"adr_address":"3372 Sherburne Ln, Indianapolis, IN 46222, USA","formatted_address":"3372 Sherburne Ln, Indianapolis, IN 46222, USA","geometry":{"location":{"$a":39.8224378,"ab":-86.21837}},"icon":"","id":"da847d0df6cdc2b89f45bc15059a0d582cb70f4b","name":"3372 Sherburne Ln","reference":"CpQBjgAAAKmRpjSb_qDu80fhsmVMqc3-3OSWkmTlGIKqfuFT6IiGqZoIaADxzgdd-pXfpcledxOCrxK2kzR-aC-wYgUBy0Js133sUf4quG1b4JBUSqbRjJKKBTfuPlegW4I0fyh4KtSAvULyIflIFdYqTOaBe3YZSeyprNPwACUW_MfG6kHACxdATlBwtlVMIdT01cfRRRIQ8QOONi6UKg_8ynKPkYYhrBoUlFaQ2oo_E_njdeuJ_tJsq2xEdIc","types":["street_address"],"url":";=0x886b56622ba64a39:0x1472422d8d50305a","vicinity":"Indianapolis","html_attributions":[]}