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E P I Paper Products

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Business Info
14th Avenue, Markham, ON, Canada 14th AveMarkham, Ontario Canada
E P I Paper Products
Business Description

E P I PAPER PRODUCTS was established in the year 1980, the company was originally specialized in the field of plastic bags (with Flexographic & Roto gravure printing ) and paper bags (with Offset & Flexographic printing ) to cater the ever-growing needs of the domestic and international market.
At E P I PAPER PRODUCTS everything we do is designed to make our customer more productive from the smallest offices to the global corporations. We are helping people to recognize the power of shopping bags & other paper products and providing solutions to make it work harder.
We are talking about range of paper shopping bags and other paper products, exceptional quality of international standards. Our many years of experience of working with paper bags and paper products with constant production controls and meticulousness of our specialist technicians ensure the delivery of high quality products. Over the last couple of years, the dedication and commitment of the partners and workforce enabled the organization to extend its activities in other industrial sectors like Handmade Paper & Paper Products made of Handmade paper
Thanks to the extremely dynamic dedicated internal management team supported by highly flexible production system, the E P I PAPER PRODUCTS has been able to meet all challenges of the industry. The company has emerged as one of the very few companies who could meet the requirements of the ever changing and most demanding Domestic and International Market.

Business Type
Manufacturer & Exporter
Trade Category
Paper Cups, Paper Bags, Boxes, Stationery, Handmade Paper
Main Item/Product
Paper Cups, Paper bags, paper boxes, Brochures, Leaflets, Note Books
Main Target Region
World Wide

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