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Frame of Mind


Frame of Mind is your one-stop-shop for the custom framing of everything that means something to you!

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6150 90 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada6150 90 Ave NWEdmonton, Alberta T6BCanada
Frame of Mind
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Since 1986, Frame of Mind has been devoted to Edmonton and area customers by providing custom picture framing and a large assortment of unique gifts. No matter if it's big or small, we frame them all: posters, needlework, canvas, custom prints, collages, or anything else you can dream of.

Frame of Mind has always placed a high value on personable customer service, and its clientele have shown their appreciation by many years of loyalty for all of their framing needs, whether it be with traditional or modern styling.

The owners, Sheldon and Vanessa, invite you to drop by the shop, have a coffee, and relax while knowing your art and keepsakes are in good hands. With hundreds of frames and different matting options, the possibilities are endless. We look forward to working with you to preserve your treasures with the best in conservation quality framing.

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