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Health, Wellness and Fitness

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13 Ezzi Manzil, Ghia Compound, Santacruz West, Mumbai, India, 400054
[email protected]
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HAPPI REHAB CENTER was founded in 1995 to design, engineer and manufacture innovative, affordable, custom orthotics for foot care. Specializing in Advanced Composite Material technology and Polymer Material Designing and Conversion Technology for Special Orthoses required for Neuropathic, Diabetic, Rheumatic, Orthopedic patients. Incorporating use of FPM Analyses—Paedobarograph, Gait Analyses and Gait Training , Remote Thermal Foot Recordings, Customized orthoses manufacturing with Patient Trial, Fitting and Gait Training with regular follow-up for progressive corrections, to enable the patient to overcome his disability. Mr. Hozefa has developed many materials and prosthetic joints for ‘Above Knee amputee’, ‘Rotational Plasti Joints’ for cancer patients; ‘OA Knee Support joints’for Knee Imbalance. Mr. Hozefa has developed special cotton based ‘Tubular pressure garments’ for:Diabetic, Cardiac, Vascular and vascular neuropathic patients. He has also developed a range of ‘Low temp. thermoplastic splints for Rheumatic, upper limb deformity, Neck supports, and Spinal supports. He has also developed Silicon based and Silicon free gels for use in orthoses and implants, Polymer gel based dressings with sustained time release for use in plastic surgery, burn cases, atrophic ulcers, diabetic foot socks, Polymer gel coated cotton stockinets etc. He has developed application gels for treatment of skin disorders, joint pain relief, hair fall, body shapeup gel . For relief of various joint pains, people come from India & abroad to HAPPI REHAB CENTER. We practice bio - medical engineering. We customize solutions as per individual. WHY UNDERGO SURGERY WHEN YOU HAVE ‘REHAB TREATMENT’ Effective Solutions by HAPPI REHAB CENTER. Diabetic Foot / Ulcer Management, Paraplegic / Paralytic Mobilization, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Foot Pain, Heel Pain, Ankle Pain, Knee & Back Pain and specially helpful for Stemcell patients. Prevention of Surgery and Salvation of Toe / Foot is our Goal.

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