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Herbal Ayurveda Remedies

Health, Wellness and Fitness

We have wide range of organic herbal products to promote better health and we are committed to providing with innovative effective products to support & improve daily life with suitable cost .

Business Info
Albion Road, Toronto, ON, Canada
Herbal Ayurveda Remedies
Business Description

Herbal Ayurveda Remedies was established with an aim of doing herbal business worldwide with a very humble beginning in herbals & Ayurveda. our belief in herbal, ayurveda and alternative medicines as a remedy, both for prevention and cure, brought us into the herbal business.

Product Features

Our products are the results of extensive research done by herbalists, ayurvedic doctors and scientists, thus our products have high efficacy to support in various common health problems . We have wide range of Organic Herbal formulations, Bath, Health drinks concentrates, Hair care, Beauty and skin care products with the highest quality, purity, freshness and potency.

We go beyond standard thinking and procure the best quality herbs ,material and combine the latest technology, state of the art herbal extraction and alkaloid profiling to create the highest quality end products.

Safety, Quality & Efficacy of our Organek™ brand?

Our Organek™ brand comprises a range of products made from 100% pure himalayan herbs organically cultivated & grown in Eco-friendly Environment & Pollution free areas. The cultivation of these herbs are done organically that to by using the microbial fertilizers and without the use of any herbicides and pesticides. Adequate care is taken for preserving the Aromatic content of the herbs in the end product by putting up the processing plant in Snowy Jungles where the temp. Seldom reaches 34º C. At all levels from identification / cultivation of herbs to processing and manufacturing of the end products, all are done under the supervision of highly experienced herbalists, ayurvedic Doctors and Scientists. Organek™ Products are Potent, effective & user friendly.

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