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Hadi Ismail
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KongsiBlog Ping Agregator is a wonderul website authorizing tool which will notify (or ping) servers, each time the website owner contributes a new post or makes revisions to older entries. Aggregators utilize results from ping servers, notifying readers, usually blog subscribers of those sites to which they are following, each and every time new content is added or when the website is revised.

This process of collecting fresh content from multiple websites into one place assists the surfer to bring together several sites’ information, into one profile. This saves time and effort by the user by consolidating information, content they are following, friends, bookmarks, etc. into one place.

Examples of some aggregator services are:,

Because of the tidal wave of information available every day on the net, using an aggregator can help the surfer from drowning in all of the information, news stories, content, etc.

KongsiBlog are another, albeit similar tool, which can be used to increase exposure of your website by notifying search engines each and every time the website is revised. Open ping services, such (like those of KongsiBlog ) will notify search engines each time your website is revised. The proprietary ping services will notify numerous search engines at one time, so that the web owner does not have to list each search engine, which can become quite tedious.

While there are advantages to using the paid ping services, the free ones do return positive results, with very little effort. One of the more useful services is KongsiBlog does not charge, is maintained daily, and provides a lot of not only free, but useful, relative information. KongsiBlog is new on the scene, but that doesn’t mean it s not growing in popularity. Since its debut, KongsiBlog has been recognized by several of search engines for its high standard of quality, ingenuity, and creativity. Having a strong presence on FaceBook,.....

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