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La Meron Leather Trading LLC

Luxury Goods & Jewelry

Business Info
Frij Al Murar Building, 205,Deira,Dubai,UAE
La Meron Leather Trading LLC
971 4 8829181
+971 50 4712055
Business Description

La Meron Leather Trading LLC, Dubai is the exclusive Italian leather destination store, which offers world-class designs of leather products including ladies handbags, wallets, clutches, bracelets, men's wallets and belts.

They have products from the Tuscan based luxurious reptile leather brand "Ape-Regina". La Meron introduces exclusive Italian leather bag brands “Gianni Chiarini”, “Nicoli", “JackyCeline" and “La Meron”. They also provide ultimate Italian leather accessories from brand “Stamerra” which is famous for their unique leather bracelets and belts.

The boutique offers customers the best shopping experience of world class designs of leather products inspired from the latest fashion trends considering the specific needs of the local fashion market.
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