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LAZYoga massage and yoga project

Health, Wellness and Fitness

Thai massage classes offered for general public and massage practitioners.
Massage studio also offers Thai massage and other table modalities for relaxation, stretching and specific treatment.

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1705 Belmont Avenue, Seattle, WA1705 Belmont AveSeattle, Washington 98122United States
Yuli Rylkova
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I love to share what a beautiful and effective work Thai massage is. I'm a licensed massage therapist and Thai massage teacher.
A lot of people that I work with have tight muscles and stiff joints that may lead to movement limitations in an everyday’s life. Those people would greatly benefit from stretching, balancing the energy, improved joint's range of motion and openness overall.
For a lot of my clients Thai massage is the answer to those concerns. It gives a "new look" onto the bodywork showing it could be so effective and so moving at the same time! Ironically that “new look” is much older than traditional Swedish massage! Thai massage dates 2500 back and based on acupressure, reflexology and yoga. Both partners are fully clothed and it looks a lot like someone does yoga for you.
Commonly Thai massage known as “Yoga for lazy people” and for it’s benefits it also called “Oriental sport massage”.
So I work with individual clients and other massage therapists to promote Thai massage as a great way to achieve better wellbeing one person at the time!

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