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Little Acorns Fostering

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Rook Tree Barn, Withersfield Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 7HD
Little Acorns Fostering
01440 732010
07891 677379
Business Description

Little Acorns Fostering is an Independent Fostering Agency central to the Eastern Counties, recruiting, training and supporting Foster Carers. Their absolute objective is to offer support to our fostering families to enable them to achieve long term, stable placements and the best possible outcomes for the children in their care.
Support groups for children in care facilitated by Social Work qualified service users External training courses for carers, on the core and current fostering topics and adapted to the needs of each placement Crisis intervention support Cognitive Behavioral Therapy work Secure Base attachment implementation Fun & activity days Drop in Centre for carers and children and access to resources 24/7 support and advice from experienced and qualified social workers.

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