Dream JOB
Need help getting hired? Let's do it together! (4) ninety minute sessions to expand your career options and get you an interview at your Dream Job.
DreamNOW Program
(10) one hour sessions to guide you on your journey to make your dreams happen NOW. Also includes (2) two-hour group in-person workshops on one Saturday morning of each month.
Create a Dream Culture Consulting Session
Are you a small business owner who is ready to take your culture to a whole new level? Imagine every single employee engaged and excited about your company and vision. Let's get started!
Walk 'N Talk Intro Session
Short and sweet. This is my introductory session. If you want some clarity on a specific problem, we tackle it in 60 minutes while taking a gorgeous walk. Some of the best conversation happens when we talk a stroll together in a peaceful place.
Mas Love Relationship Coaching
Enjoy (5) two-hour sessions once a week for five weeks. Learn how to show up loving in every relationship--including family, spouses, friends, coworkers, and most importantly, yourself.
Release the Dream Session
Two full hours of focused coaching on the next big Dream you want to bring to life. Inspiration, clarity and permission to dream again will be yours.