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Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy
Kew, Victoria, Australia Kew, Victoria Australia
(613) 9853-3221
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Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy provides hypnotherapy treatments in the form of private consultations and / or hypnosis recordings for a wide variety of issues and conditions. It is run by a renowned hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Alexander.

He is a pioneer and a much respected name in the field of clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy. He has over eleven years’ experience in the field of clinical hypnotherapy. He has formerly worked as a medical research scientist and holds a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine at The University of Melbourne. In 1999, he completed his training in clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy at The Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science, where he still visits regularly for giving lectures to the current students. He also tutors medical students at the Monash University.
Hypnotherapy Programs
Stop Smoking
Weight Loss
Control Anxiety
Self Confidence
Other Conditions

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