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National Environ Projects & Systems

Environmental Services

We are fast growing company providing solution for Environment protection included fields-water and wastewater treatment,solid waste treatment and management and Bioremediation of Agricultural fields.

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Sadabad, Distt- Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, India
M/s.- National Environ Projects & Systems
Business Description

We are expertise in Water & wastewater treatment,sewage treatment,solid waste treatment & management and bioremediation of the organic solid waste and agriculture fields(only with beneficial microbial culture application).

##Our motives--

## Start-up or stabilization of the E.T.Ps and S.T.Ps with and only microbial culture or with combination of cowdung with beneficial microbial culture, with in 15-25 days.

1- Application of beneficial microbial culture, to any state of the art technology and conventional technology applied in any industries.

2- Reduction of chemical cost-(Elimination/reduction of chemicals from E.T.Ps & S.T.Ps).

3-Reduction of electrical cost-(Reduction/elimination of electrical energy in equalization and aeration Tanks).

4-Reduction in sludge Handling cost-(Reduction of sludge and safe disposable or bioremediation of the E.T.Ps and S.T.Ps sludge).

5-Bioremediation of the organic solid waste and conversion of it into a usefull compost with in 45-60 days.

6- Bioremediation of the agriculture fields,improving soil fertility & eliminating salinity from the agriculture fields for the growth of any forth coming crops.

7- Foul odor removal (H2S,methane,ammonia,sulpherdioxide gases) from any landfill sites or from any industrial premesis).

We or our expertise are totally engaged with eco-friendly technology & would be available for any our job commitment.


M/s. National Environ Projects & Systems
Sadabad,Distt-Hathras.Uttar Pradesh.
Contact- 09557424373,
E.mail:- [email protected],
[email protected]

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