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Rolling Gate Repair NYC

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Rolling Gate Repair and Maintenance Tips: Keep Your Rolling Gate in Top Shape

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362 West 52 Street, NY 10019362 W 52nd StNew York, New York 10019United States
Rolling Gate Repair NYC
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Rolling Gates NYC suggests that maintenance and inspection should be done on regular monthly basis. Visual inspection of hardware such as pulleys and rollers, symptoms of damage of cable wires and if the sound of door opening or closing doesn’t sound good, immediately call a technician.
If your rolling gate has an automatic system, do check the balance of the door manually. Once in a while remove the automatic connection and open it. If it doesn’t lift smoothly or shows any sign of resistance, your door requires balancing and servicing.
Is your rolling gate an old one and don’t have edge sensor, photo eye testers and reverse mechanism? If yes then Rolling Gate Repair NYC recommends you to get an immediate replacement of your automatic operating system for safety purpose.
Hope you can easily perform these maintenance tasks and if not, our trained service technicians at Rolling Gates NYC are always ready to help you.

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