• Candy Blue Speed Opener
    Pretty Candy Blue Speed Opener, also known as a Mamba or a Popper, features a full circle coined opener that helps you hook bottle caps and open them in the traditional method. Features a durable (bake on) powder coat finish. A necessary addition to your bartending supplies!
  • Clip On Speed Opener
    Our Clip-On Speed Openers (patent pending) are quick and easy to use. They can be attched to a pocket, belt, apron, or skirt for easy accessibility. Constructed of heavy duty stainless steel. Currently available in classic stainless steel or with a short-dip
  • Magnetic Clip
    Our Magnetic Clip features a super strong magnet that keeps a firm hold on our Speed Openers. The magnet is buffered by a smooth plastic pad to help protect your speed openers finish. Clips securely to a belt for quick and easy access.
  • Belt Clips
    Speed clips allow you quick access to your Speed Opener. When done, easily slide it back on the clip so your speed opener is always with you and ready for use. Any application with a ring would be suited.
  • Disposable Breathalyzers
    Breathalysers are easy to use. Within two minutes, anyone can test whether they are within the legal alcohol limit. Anyone can use the breathalyser without training. Tests are conducted quickly and results are available almost immediately.​
  • Penthouse "Power to Party" Energy Shot
    The Power to Party Penthouse™ Energy is a 2 oz. energy shot for those looking to get the most out of their nightlife. We have balanced all of the essential ingredients for energy as well as an array of vitamins for your body’s recovery. Penthouse™ Energy’s premium blend gives you the “Power to Party” without the negative side effects of most other energy supplements
  • Penthouse Pleasure Shot
    “Ignite” Relaxation & Sensation Pleasure Shot by Penthouse™ is specifically designed to encourage a pleasurable response in females. Our laboratories have spent months understanding what natural ingredients the female body responds favorably to. Pleasure Shot by Penthouse™ combines safe and effective natural aphrodisiacs herbs with body building vitamins to create a supplement that is sure to “Ignite” sexual relaxation and sensation.
  • Penthouse Per4mance Shots
    “Ignite” Desire & Stamina Per4mance Shot by Penthouse™ is a 2 oz. dietary supplement that contains a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients specifically designed to improve the sexual experience for men.