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Complimentary Health Care

We supply a 304 grade stainless steel pipe, which comes in several different sizes. Also stock a specially made union or fitting for the EasyFlex pipe. The pipe is tested at 15 bar pressure.

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Shane Roberts
1 Avenue, East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa 1st AveEast London, Eastern Cape 5256South Africa
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This EasyFlex pipe, couplings and seals are specially made to accommodate the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. With its 304 grade stainless pipe and the extra heavy duty brass fittings, the pipe comes in different sizes 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", i" and an 11/4'. The seals supplied are a standard specially manufactured seal or a high heat resistance seal. Both seals with stand over 10 bar of pressure. This pipe is so made that one piece of pipe can run along a wall, then change direction to any angle needed without using a fitting or elbow or T piece. Simple bend the pipe by hand and carry on installing. When cutting the pipe its a simple 3 or 4 turns with a standard pipe cutter. To secure the pipe take 2 spanners and nip the unions. The pipe and all fittings and seals are SABS tested and come with all spec tests. Also a ISO 9001 certificate. . Visit us at www.easyflex.co.za

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