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Soul Scents


We are a delicious line of body products that pamper you from the outside in! We believe every body deserves to be pampered ...every day. Multi-use bath products that make you feel good inside & OUT!

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75 Malaga Cove Plaza, Suite, 4, Palos Verdes Estates, CA75 Malaga Cove PlazaPalos Verdes Estates, California 90274United States
Soul Scents
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Fresh, natural and organic is always better is our philosophy at Soul Scents. We believe that you deserve the absolute best everyday! We make all of our products in small batches with the freshest and most natural ingredients available…….we don't skimp on YOU! High quality is essential and we will never compromise on the grade of our ingredients. We take extreme pride in what we do.
We have a reputation for unique and outstanding fragrances, whether derived from therapeutic grade essential oils, or the highest grade of fragrances.
Of course we only test on willing princes and princesses.

Try our products and we promise you will feel an improved texture to your skin and your mood. We want you to see the value in indulging yourself a little each day. Every woman is special and deserves to feel spoiled! We make it easy to spoil yourself a little each day, and that really can change your attitude! Let us show you how good your skin and spirit can feel with a little Soul Scents.

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{"address_components":[{"long_name":"75","short_name":"75","types":["street_number"]},{"long_name":"Malaga Cove Plaza","short_name":"Malaga Cove Plaza","types":["route"]},{"long_name":"Palos Verdes Estates","short_name":"Palos Verdes Estates","types":["locality","political"]},{"long_name":"Los Angeles","short_name":"Los Angeles","types":["administrative_area_level_2","political"]},{"long_name":"California","short_name":"CA","types":["administrative_area_level_1","political"]},{"long_name":"United States","short_name":"US","types":["country","political"]},{"long_name":"90274","short_name":"90274","types":["postal_code"]}],"formatted_address":"75 Malaga Cove Plaza, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274, USA","geometry":{"location":{"ab":33.8000487,"cb":-118.38960900000001}},"icon":"","id":"e709467d3ce7cd0946a1731245f8ae28f6a7b5b3","name":"75 Malaga Cove Plaza","reference":"CoQBcwAAANIBp7ntWW2toCfkUzx1jVDK0C_YlzVMwUGPmVhtGChHcK8leMNVgZL8CZMx1NFydfizIPm9jhqNRRdGMto__HDKEAX5Wix-r3ueX1imKFJsBP9L6RqT1EY9ZwYeO6s9bLEwb0cg27MZ8a6PbDsZAQYkDM3q0q9171rNIovn3iXUEhC4NMD8xbITWFNz-R3scnnDGhTh_BS7xOtnJ1ODGmTDecmIHiS00g","types":["street_address"],"url":"","vicinity":"Palos Verdes Estates","html_attributions":[]}