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The Regnas Collection - Jewellery Stores

Apparel & Fashion

mens rings, mens jewelry rings, family crest rings, heraldic rings, gold cufflinks, engraved cufflinks, onyx cufflinks, jade cufflinks, amethyst cufflinks, crocodile wallets, crocodile leather wallets

Business Info
603 Rimping, 201 Charoenrat RD, Wat Ket, Chiang Mai, 50000 Thailand
The Regnas Collection
+66 871 771387
Business Description

The Regnas Collection offers huge collection of Mens Jewelry Rings that includes Mother of Pearl Cufflinks, cross ring, signet rings, family crest rings, custom pendants and custom cufflinks in a variety of colors & designs with FREE shipping Worldwide.

The Jewellery Store is part of the Regnas group. They have been established for a number of years based in the UK but our design, manufacturing and sales are managed in northern Thailand. Thailand is a world leader in the jewelry trade and our facilities are second to none.

Their management team is dedicated to providing the best products at the best value. They have had great success with eBay UK shop which has been running several years and have achieved Top Rated Status for consistently receiving highest buyer ratings, dispatching items quickly and having a track record of excellent customer service.

The Regnas Collection are proud to offer an exquisite range of onyx cufflinks, custom rings, mens Rings, Cufflinks, mens jewelry rings, gold cufflinks, silver boxes, custom cufflink, custom pendants, cross rings women's and mens pendants, crocodile leather belts, crocodile wallets, custom cuff links, jade rings, custom engraved rings, men cross pendants, monogrammed cufflinks, lapis lazuli rings, templar rings, mens stone rings, jerusalem cross pendant, lion cufflinks, jerusalem cross ring, family crest cufflinks silver boxes, monogrammed cufflinks and other Ring designer accessories. They have recently added an eBay USA store as well.

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