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Total IT Recycling

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Total IT Recycling, Your green E Waste Solution

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Total IT Recycling
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The main goal of Total IT Recycling is not only to reclaim or reuse your old electronic equipment, but to educate, and change the way Americans think about waste—to see the value of a used material as a product or commodity, not a waste. We want people to realize their impact on the environment —whether buying a new computer or disposing of an old cell phone. To help make this change happen, Total IT Recycling relies heavily on voluntary partnerships to promote and encourage the reuse and recycling of used electronic products. Positive economic rewards and environmental results are moving our partners toward more waste reduction and materials management. By committing ourselves to reduce more waste, to reuse and recycle more materials, to buy more recycled and recyclable products, and to reduce toxic chemicals in electronic products and waste, we conserve energy and preserve natural resources.

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