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ZOX Pro Training - ZOXing Information with Photographic Memory Hyper-Speed Reading Technique. Easy to learn, Speed Learning. Photographic Reading.

ZOX Pro - Learn at Light Speed by using your Photogr

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Shannon Panzo studied the benefits of Brain Management and Mental Photography with Richard Welch, Ph.D., who is known as the "Father of Mental Photography.” Richard Welch is the founder of Brain Management and Chief Executive Officer of Educom, Inc. Richard Welch and Shannon Panzo have developed scientifically proven theories on ways to maximize the potential of individuals’ brainpower, asserting that following a simple, daily routine unlocks the normally unused 98% of brain power and makes it possible to access one's hyper-speed photographic memory, allowing one to consume entire books in minutes. Richard Welch and Shannon Panzo believe that everyone is capable of attaining a photographic memory and achieving high-speed learning techniques, which will open up infinite possibilities for mental production, performance, and achievement. Shannon Panzo is the genuine successor to Master Richard Welch and the only person in the world who teaches the methods of Brain Management.

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