DRIVE a NEW CAR from R 699 per month!You need:valid SA drivers license and ID,monthly basic salary of R 6500.Life is MORE FUN in a BRAND NEW CAR from R 499 per month!Who else wants to DRIVE a NEW CAR?

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Solomon Mahlangu Street, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa Solomon Mahlangu StPretoria, Gauteng 0147South Africa
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This is a marketing campaign from a company based in Pretoria East(SATINSKY GROUP of COMPANIES).Main objective is to promote a NEW and low kilometers affordable vehicles to people who WANTS and LIKES to DRIVE.Everything is based on the kilometers that they drive per month.That"s NOT all: IF you do NOT drive the required kilometers you get the option to drive with a unique code on the back of your vehicle.Drive ONLY 500 km a month,submit only 2 photos and let the public see the AD and ofcourse how you enjoying your NEW car and when they sms YOUR unique code and they GET qualified for a vehicle and they START enjoying they NEW car too JUST like ME and YOU, YOU GET paid R 3000 per sold CAR!!!NO JOKES!!! Ask me HOW i made R 48 000 in 6 months for real!
But If you don't sell any vehicle for that month,YOU still GET paid R 570 advertisement fee,SO ........
HOW is THAT?It does not matter YOU still WIN,and you DRIVE a NEW car from R 499 per month.NO DEPOSIT and NO RESIDUAL!!! So don't waist anymore time and sms: E10512 to 35393 and follow they instructions there after.Please note give a 72hrs response time after sending the sms and that takes 4 to 6 weeks for the deal to be completed.Cost R 3 p/sms and T&C; do apply.
Or want to talk to me for more info on this FANTASTIC DEAL?
JUST call me!

Vladimir on:0836182671 or 0813373377

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