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Dr Constance Lalinec

Mental Health Care

Psychotherapy for children, teens, adults and families

Business Info
245 Victoria Ave., Suite 410, Westmount (Qc), H3Z 2M6
Dr Constance Lalinec
(514) 931-4848
Business Description

I offer psychological services for children, teenagers, adults, and families experiencing behavioral, developmental, emotional, and relationship difficulties. Areas of particular expertise: 1) preschool children and youth with developmental disabilities (30 years); 2) psychosomatic issues as well as the impact of illness and death (20 years in a pediatric hospital setting); 3) clients who have difficulties identifying and expressing their emotions appropriately (3-year post-doctoral program on understanding and treating the internal world of clients); 4) children of separated parents and blended families. INTEGRATIVE THERAPEUTIC APPROACH: cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, behavioral parent training, strategic/systemic gamily therapy, art and play therapy.

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