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Good Karma Store


Do Good, Wear Good

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No 118 Choolai High Road, Choolai, Chennai, India
Good Karma Company
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The concept of Good Karma was conceptualized in 2011 and successfully implemented in 2012 after a comprehensive market research across the country. We strongly believe that it takes continuous inspiration and innovation to make a great company in addition to hard work, commitment and dedication. True to our brand name and philosophy of "Do Good, Wear Good", 30% of our profits are dedicated towards empowerment of society through philanthropy. We believe that the idea of social entrepreneurship should spread across all businesses which would not only revolutionize the SME sector but also the society in which we live in. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) do not take philanthropy as seriously as we would hope to. Hence we aspire to create a sustainable business model which considers philanthropy as an integral part of the business and inspires our competitors to follow suit. Swank is our premium brand of with a wide range of products in men’s and women’s wear.

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