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The home of the Most Affordable PABX and Data Solutions in Africa.

Small Business Telephone Systems and VoIP for SMME market.
Mini PABX cost less than a Smart Phone!
Premicell sales - own sim !

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Brits van Wyk
11 5th Avenue, Ashley, Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa11 5th AvePinetown, KwaZulu-Natal 3610South Africa
086 999 0 922
+27 839631238
086 607 0586
Business Description

The home of the Most Affordable PABX and Data Solutions in Africa. From small business telephone systems to VoIP solutions for small and large commercial ventures such as call centers. We cater nationally for any needs regarding PABX, Premicell (new and used --- basic to sim farms and VoIP conversions), Neotel, Wireless Internet and Point to Point, Data center hosting, Fibre solutions, ISDN from Telkom, SIP trunks, and comprehensive WAN via ADSL solutions.
In addition, we offer voice recording or Logging solutions, telephone management solutions and general PABX maintenance.
We also supply Phones of all sorts, New and Used Premicells, a range of headphones, prepaid GSM solutions that include community phones and pay phone solutions, per second billing on GSM sim cards

In areas where Telkom lines are not available (due to infrastructure or theft of lines) we supply alternative connectivity via GSM, Satellite, wireless, Neotel and more.

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Check out my Online store and browse all the latest merchandise!
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