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Jaymie's Fashion

Apparel & Fashion

Fashionable and Convenient Clothings for your Wedding and Formal Occassions

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Calamba City, CALABARZON, Philippines Calamba City, CALABARZON Philippines
Jaymie's Fashion
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Our family has been in the business since the 80's and it was my mom, Mrs. Norma De Vera. who started and made this bussiness grew from its humble beginnings in this small town of Calamba.

We specialized in CUSTOM MADE /HAUTE COUTURE wedding gown, groom outfit ( coat and traditional barong), entourage wear, specialty gowns, prom dresses, pageant gowns and formal evening wears. We also pioneered the dress rental service in Calamba.

Realizing the hardwork my mom had done to establish its name as well as the true essence of this business, that is to help our customers save money by utilizing our inexpensive made to order and rental service for their life's special and memorable occassions, it became my inspiration to proactively be involved. I hope with this web presence we will be able to reach more and more people, especially the soon to get married couples, professional peoples, workers and operators working inside industrial zones, corporations and offices who doesn't have enough time and money to spend for their life's most important occassions.

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