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Delhigate Educomm Retail Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , Ste 7, 3rd Floor, Berachah, 6 Stephens Road, Frazer Town, Bengaluru-560005
Business Description

KOOLSKOOL is the go-to-market brand name for delhigate educomm Retail Solutions. delhigate educomm brings together the previous strength and experience of other ventures in internet based services, education, training, and business consulting.

KOOLSKOOL has initiated a path-breaking new business model in the field of retailing to children of school going age (items including text books, children's books, educational CDs, stationery etc) across India.

delhigate educomm currently has presence pan India through its offices and associates in Bangalore (registered office and headquarters), New Delhi (procurement office), and Kolkata.

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