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3509 Fontaine Court, Sacramento, California 95821-1819
Loren Parker
(916) 974-7397
(916) 712-9263
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I teach music for all ages. The styles I teach include classical, folk, country and jazz. You can also choose from learning with the Suzuki Method or Alfred's Method. I include music theory, ear training, site reading and improvization as some added skills to practice and learn during the lesson. You may also choose to learn music composition, notation, technique and performance. My students go home with basic knowledge of music and can learn very quickly. One common question that is asked, "How quick can I learn to play the piano?" In most cases, any student can learn how to play the piano right away. You can learn quickly and I teach each students at their learning pace. Some students can complete a book in a year. After a year, I introduce classical music or another style of your choice.

My prices vary with the amount of lesson time that you choose. Lesson times are 30, 45, or 60 minutes time slots. Discounts are available for more than one family piano student.

Some students like the convenience of being taught in their home. This service is offered in the home for an additional travel fee.

Provide your preference in an email to Piano Cap and I will provide a quote for you through email. It is well worth the money. The prices are competitive. I offer makeup lessons and discounts. You can save money when you have two students in your family.

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