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A "simply marvel us" approach to each and every client and "simply marvel us" execution of each and every event.

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Marvel US Mgmt, a boutique business management and marketing company with international reach, offers the highest level of personal and creative strategic planning and services for emerging brands and businesses. We have gained a well-earned reputation around the globe as a respected, integrated management team representing independent businesses, models, actors and designers. These are our passions.

"simply marvelus"

Marvel US Mgmt assists emerging businesses and brands with their development needs, public relations, social media platforms and all other aspects that fall under the heading of “business solutions.” With proven results and a plethora of experience across multiple industries, we are a Game Changer. As a catalyst to the development of one's business, brand, lifestyle addition or event, Marvel US Mgmt can plan, assist and execute at a high level; not only contributing to the achievement of our clients' goals but, more often than not, surpassing them. Marvel US Mgmt works within any and every budget to actualize results. Being hands on and detail-oriented, we pride ourselves on dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s. “The devil is in the details,” they say and therein lies the Finesse. In details, all the working parts paint the most “marvelus” bigger picture. We apply our industry savvy to the various stages of progress for any emerging brand, organization, or business and/or career needs.

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