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Naga City, Bicol, Philippines Naga City, Bicol Philippines
[email protected]
(+63) 9328 820 820
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Missmore Alley was created for the people who love unique fashion. We ensemble accessories the way you want them and we make home-made affordable sweets for all occasions. Our main products include made-to-order earrings, necklaces, bracelets, key-chains, crocheted bags and purses; and delicious sweets. The collections are originally made and styled by the two sister shops: Missmore Alley and PurpleClare Shoppe.

We want to encourage the Filipino people to buy our products in bulk in order to enjoy huge discounts. To satisfy the needs and wants of the clients, we ensure to provide dedication in every design, maintain professional but friendly transactions, and deliver products on time.

We also resell other well-known products (our personal favourite) in order to address the inquiries of the mass people regarding other retail products.

We are marked by the tagline Shop More, Miss it More! It means to have fun shopping for quality products that make the shoppers go back because they MISS and love it to shop for MORE.

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