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Festival stage 4 rent. Fast delivery quick set-up

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2097 sw 29th ave
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We at are the leading stage rental company in America. With 112 rental stages in our inventory in the US and over 200 units worldwide we a have a mobile stage for rent near you. 17 years of events, festivals, concerts, tours, corporate clients, and block parties, live TV Broadcast, Fan fairs, political speeches, Church fund raisers, Concerts, World DJ showcases, Parades, Parties, and more.
Our combined team experience of over 55 years has given us the experience of what mobile stages work and what does not. A small stage for a big orchestra will not work; a large stage for a folk guitarist will work if budget or artist status calls for it. From small stage to Mega stage is just the beginning; at we rent Stages, Audio, Lighting, special effects, tents, generators and all outdoor event needs. Renting a stage with sound, lights offers great value to our clients. Every stage requirement varies, budgets, size and purpose, we rent mobile stages of various sizes, manufacturers, offering our clients the most choices in USA.
Rent a stage from we review site plan; examine location for trees wires, stability of surface. After these simple things we erect a mobile stage. Ask around we are the Number 1 Mobile Stage renting company in USA. We love what we do, who else gets invited to the greatest events around? Our stage rental company team members get hands on training, more training then they are permitted to set a stage. The mobile stage rental market has changed many flyby night companies are building stages without safety engineered plans, our stages have approved plans in 48 States with 48 stamped approvals, plus a T.U.V. rating the highest safety standard in the world. Safety plans, emergency action plans are a must. With municipalities getting tougher on stages feel at ease to ask for our safety approvals at any time.

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