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Manikbaug Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India Manikbaug RdPune, Maharashtra India
Sachin Lale
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myVoteOn is an Online Forms & Survey Creation tool. Allows creating forms like Survey Form, Event Registration Form, Customer Feedback form without having to learn complicated software.The rich user interface of myVoteOn makes it very fast and easy creation of forms. You can analyze the responses with result being displayed real-time.

myVoteOn can be used for:

• Market Research
• Customer Feedback, Product Feedback.
• Can use for Planning and Registration of Events like outing, parties.
• Bloggers and Social Networking users can use it for web poll.

Features of myVoteOn:

• Easy Survey Form Creation: The Rich user interface of myVoteOn allows Easy & Fast Survey Form Creation
• Easy Distribution: Distribute the survey to your target audience via Email or Web Link
• Easy to Capture Responses: myVoteOn Generates the Survey form for targeted audience dynamically
• Survey Analysis: Analyze the survey responses through Data, Graphs for Each Question, Filter Data and Analyze the Question’s Graph, Demographics Analysis.

We offer three subscription plan: FREE, STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL. For more details on pricing please refer to our product brochure at

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