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Psychic Medium Nadia Shapiro

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N Capitol Ave, San Jose, CA, United States N Capitol AveSan Jose, California United States
Nadia Shapiro
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As a Professional Psychic Medium, healer, author, and teacher, Nadia has been seen and heard on radio and television and has a vast clientele from all over the world. Nadia is able to help people connect with their loved ones on the other side for guidance, closure, or even just confirmation that there is life after death. Through her abilities she can make predictions and give information from a person’s loved ones, guides, and angels to help them make informed life choices and stay in accordance with their life path. Nadia has developed several psychic development courses and has found a passion for helping people transform their relationship with Spirit. Nadia believes everyone has the ability to listen and to hear their own intuition and has taught hundreds of people how to open up their own intuitive abilities. She is the author of the book "Discovering Your Inner Psychic" and of meditation CD's "The Secret Room","The Time Beach Meditation", "OM", and "Crystal Program" which can be used for meeting your guides and opening up your psychic abilities. Please call 1-877-996-2342 to schedule an appointment.

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