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Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa Germiston, Gauteng South Africa
NBL Projects
076 534 0000
076 534 0000
Business Description

“NBL Projects” manufacture, supply, install & deliver "Multi Poly Wall" products.

"NBL Projects" has a team that will provide you with a reliable resource for all your property maintenance needs.

“NBL Projects” is a family business founded in April 2008 with the initial goal of buying properties, renovating them and selling them.

Then we started offering customers all types of “Handyman” services, to give them value for their money and good quality service.

“NBL Projects” is based in the East Rand and is fast becoming a well known handyman and maintenance service in Gauteng Central & Eastrand.

“NBL Projects” gives you professional service, with experienced tradesmen to cover all aspects of painting and decorating, plumbing, gas installations, electrical work, plastering, bricklaying, roofing, kitchen fitting, tiling, paving, flat pack assembly, gardening and rubbish clearance.

“NBL Projects” specializes in DIY and maintenance jobs around the home and office and have a wide variety of skills ranging from installing dishwashers to replacing locks with keyed alike lock systems, replacing broken windows and repairing damaged paintwork.

Being in this business for many years, we are punctual & tidy, and we offer good workmanship and a value for money service!

By doing that preventative maintenance at home, office or factory you can save thousands.

“NBL Projects” carry most of the necessary tools and basic materials for most jobs, reducing a run around.

Where ever specialized tradesman are needed on a job, "NBL Projects" can assist with finding the right person for the job, at competitive rates.

We pride ourselves in our work and giving professional service, fast & efficiently, and we are neat on our work.

“NBL Projects” is based on the belief that my customers' needs are of the utmost importance.

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